“You’ve got to create the life you want.”  That was the mindset I had to carry with me. The mindset I had to take and cling to as I was fighting for my life after a traumatic experience in November 2018. After being in the ICU for 2 months, in a wheelchair for 4 months and out of work for 9 months, one single realization came to mind. My life is bigger than this accident, more substantial than this traumatic experience. I had to believe that this was not a setback, but instead, a setup. The hand that I was dealt was the setup to grow and evolve my passion to inspire women through fashion. This was when LANI was born.  


I’ve always had a strong connection with clothing/fashion and used it as an outlet for self expression. Studying Fashion merchandising in college and having hopes of one day opening my own boutique was a desire that has been with me for as long as I can remember. Little did I know that in the midst of pain, physical limitations and months of healing, the opportunity to start my own boutique would present itself. 


2019 was my year of restoration, reflection and redirection. 


While I was at home and out of work for 9 months, I was slowly but surely restoring my body back to health. It was during that time that an obsessive go getter attitude consumed all my free time. That energy was geared towards wanting to motivate and empower women to go after everything they desire in life, no matter the obstacles and setbacks that obstruct their path. 


Officially launching in 2020, the LANI boutique has come out to tell her story. She has been created to encourage women to tell their narrative boldly and unapologetically. After having that time to reflect on how far I have come during those months of restoration, LANI has been redirected  from being a thought and a dream to a real and tangible achievement.


LANI is Bold, Ambitious, Confident, Sophisticated, Stylish & Determined, all while staying ahead of the fashion trends. The LANI collections and pieces are a mirror of who we are and what we stand for. With each collection telling its own story, all of our pieces are intentionally selected to represent the LANI girl. She tells her story through her clothing with a sense of confidence and with affirmative and courageous statements.


The LANI girl is not a victim of her circumstances. She is more than just her clothing. This boutique is about owning your story and using it to turn your dreams into reality.


My name is Carleen Renee, the woman behind the brand “LANI.”


LANI girl was born to tell MY story. Now, LANI is here to tell YOUR story.